Hi! I’m Kerry,

a professional

dog walker based in

Blair Drummond 

and the surrounding area.


My name is Kerry and I am 32 years old.  I have been very fortunate to gain a great deal of experience with our beloved four-legged friends over the years.  Growing up with dogs – two wee Yorkies named Chloe and Penny – in my family home was the key to my own dog-loving beginnings.  They taught me a lot; mostly what not to do as I was only 3 when they came into our home!  There was also ‘Lucky’, a puppy that my dad rescued from the local boat yard; being a stray made her a decidedly interesting character, and a fount of lessons for an aspiring young dog-trainer!

When I was a little older, my dad moved to Pembrokeshire and built up his own dog boarding kennels from scratch.  I took the opportunity to live there and work for him once I left school, and this gave me a great deal of experience with a huge variety of breeds, ages and temperaments of dogs.  It was not only an invaluable education for me, but also helped to solidify my love for working with these wonderful animals. 

After school I felt the sway of my other major passion – art – and I opted to pursue the artistic route with a degree in Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone.  During my time there, I never lost my love for animals (evidently!); my projects were invariably based around wolves or dogs!  In third year I got an amazing opportunity to meet and work for a lady who bred Tamaskans, which are a stunning breed of Finnish wolf-dog, with Husky and Malamute ancestry. 

After university I attempted to make a go of it with the art career, but it was not to be, and the love of dogs pulled me back in!  Whilst living in Dundee I was hired by Michelle at TLC Dog Walking and Pet Care Services, where I was instantly regarded a friend and respected colleague.  I fell in love with all the dogs I had the pleasure of walking, and also made some great connections with their non-furry parents! 

My most recent venture was with Robyn at the Stirling-based Pawsitive Canine Services.  I had an amazing time getting to know the area, engaging with wonderful dogs, and working with great customers and incredibly supportive colleagues.  I gained plenty of invaluable skills and learnt many a useful lesson, all of which only boosted my appetite for taking the next step!  So now... 


…I introduce Mucky Muzzles!



This is an exciting enterprise, designed to cater for what customers – and their canine companions – really need!




Unlike most other dog walkers, I offer group dog-walks that consist of 4 dogs instead of 6, to allow more time and commitment to each pooch.

With this reduction of dogs on each walk, I have 3 separate 1-hour slots for group walks available.

Morning, Lunch and Noon

60 min: £11  (1 dog)  £16 (2 dogs)  - GROUP WALK


Don't like leaving your beloved fur-baby alone at home?  Why not send them along to Doggy Daycare?  They get to come out and about with all their pals for the whole day without being bored stuck indoors!

And when you return from work, your pooch will be well exercised and chilled for an evening of cuddles!

9am - 4pm (approx): £25 per dog


Heading away on holiday but don't want to uproot your feline or wee furry friend from their home comforts? 


Not a problem; I am able and willing to pop round on a daily basis to make sure your pet has plenty of food, water and some cuddles to ensure their happiness until your safe return!

£10 per visit



Quinn and Benji


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